Construction Management

Hemingway's Bar and Hideaway

Complete build out for a new local restaurant. The project included renovation of a 120 year old building with complete ground up interior construction of local utilities, metro services, framing and finishes, walls, floors, and total mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system installations.

Construction Management

Falcon and Flamingo

This new Nashville coffee shop/restaurant opened recently. The building was originally a 1950's era church which had been abandoned for 10 years. The complete renovation included interior and exterior elements with complete electrical, plumbing, and mechanical overhaul. The interior structure was redesigned to withstand the new roof components and insulation as well as the upgraded walls and interior mechanical.

Construction Management

Jimmy John's

This new sandwich shop needed to be built within an existing building shell. The construction required complete addition of all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. The project has a strict timeline but we were able to open two weeks early!